Coaction Network is a decentralized validator tokenization protocol that introduces the Coaction Infrastructure Token (CIT) to incentivize staking.

Coaction aims to decentralize the validator ecosystem, addressing the centralization challenges by bringing the benefits of validator tokenization to the masses.

Delegators receive CIT rewards, which can be used for enhanced staking benefits or held for potential growth.

The network also incorporates the Cosmos SDK for blockchain functionality and is part of the broader Web3 vision, emphasizing interoperability and modularity.

Our Mission

Empowering a decentralized future by bridging the gap between small validators and delegators, Coaction Network champions equitable staking through innovative tokenization, fostering a robustand inclusive Web3 ecosystem for all.

Meet our visionaries

Our co-founders combine deep software engineering & financial markets expertise for a serious approach to Web3.

Max Heilman


Founder of a successful Helium mining and staking business. Ex Chicago Mercantile Exchange software engineer. 

Sam Less


M&A at Monroe Capital. Raised and managed a seven-figure liquid crypto fund. 

Andrew Stein

CFA, Head of Growth

VP of Research at ArcaAnalyst at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley

Meet our partners